Gana HA Body

Gana HA Body Filler, the ultimate solution for body contouring and volume restoration. Made from 100% cross-linked hyaluronic acid, our biodegradable filler enhances hips, buttocks, and breasts with natural-looking results.

Featuring an exceptional 10% cross-linking ratio for superior durability and flexibility, Gana HA Body ensures precise contouring and long-lasting effects. Perfect for removing deep scars and achieving your desired body shape. Safe, effective, and KFDA approved.

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Gana HA Body From BuyFillers

The Lipo Lab PPC Solution is an advanced, non-surgical fat reduction and weight loss injection product. Utilizing PhosphatidylCholine (PPC), it effectively melts away stubborn fat while enhancing skin elasticity, offering a pain-free, rapid solution for a youthful and resilient body contour.

Gana HA Body Instruction

1. Create a saline solution,

2. Obtain a 10ml syringe,

3. Draw 10ml of saline into the syringe,

4. Combine the saline with Gana HA filler,

5. Inect into the desired body areas.

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