Neo Pro Cream | Lidocaine Cream (450G)

Neo Pro Cream serves as a local anesthetic in the form of a topical cream, designed to reduce pain by being applied directly onto the skin. The numbing effect of the product diminishes within ten minutes of application

  • Active Ingredients: Contains a 1:1 ratio of lidocaine (2.5%) and prilocaine (2.5%). This combination is common for effective topical numbing creams.
  • Purpose: Neo Pro Cream is designed to numb the skin before potentially painful procedures, reducing discomfort.

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Neo Pro Cream Active Ingredients

  • Lidocaine (2.5%): A widely used local anesthetic that temporarily blocks nerve signals in the skin, resulting in a numbing sensation.
  • Prilocaine (2.5%): Another local anesthetic that works similarly to lidocaine. The combination of lidocaine and prilocaine provides a more potent numbing effect and a longer duration of action.

Neo Pro Cream Usage Areas

Cosmetic Procedures:

Microneedling: Reduces the discomfort associated with microneedling treatments for skin rejuvenation.

Dermal Fillers: Minimizes pain during facial filler injections.

Laser Hair Removal: Makes the process of laser hair removal more tolerable.

Laser Skin Treatments: Reduces pain associated with various skin laser procedures.

Injectables: Numbing for Botox and other cosmetic injections.

Body Modification:

Tattooing: Eases the pain of the tattooing process.

Piercing: Provides temporary numbing for body piercings.

Waxing: Makes waxing procedures in sensitive areas less painful.

Other Medical Uses (under guidance of a healthcare professional):

Minor skin procedures: Can be used for numbing before small biopsies or other skin-related procedures.

Venipuncture: May reduce pain from needle insertion for blood draws or IVs.

How To Apply Neo Pro Cream?

Apply a thick layer: Spread a generous layer of Neo Pro Cream over the skin where the procedure will take place.

Cover with an occlusive dressing: Place plastic wrap or an occlusive bandage over the cream-covered area. This enhances absorption and maximizes the numbing effect.

Wait for numbing: Leave the cream on for the recommended time, typically 20-30 minutes. Check the product instructions or consult your professional for precise wait times.

Remove and proceed: Remove the plastic wrap and gently wipe away the excess cream with a clean tissue or gauze. Your skin should now be numb and ready for the procedure.

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