Pine Bottle Fat Dissolver | (10ml x 5vials)

Pine Bottle Fat Dissolver is a specialized lipolysis product that enhances skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles through a unique formulation that includes ingredients like Riboflavin, Cyanocobalamin, L-Carnitine, Lecithin, and Bromelain.

It stands out from other lipolysis products by ensuring fat dissolution without causing wrinkles. The combination of these potent ingredients not only promotes effective fat breakdown but also supports overall skin health by improving elasticity and reducing signs of aging.

Pine Bottle™ Lipolysis
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Pine Bottle is a revolutionary lipolysis cosmetic product, formulated to help skin retain elasticity and beat wrinkles, as well as safely lose fat. Its proprietary formula consists of these potent ingredients – Lecithin, Bromelain, and Riboflavin, to ensure that fat break-down and absorption is effective without any of the side-effects that accompany most fat loss treatments. Pine Bottle is designed and developed to focus on the fatty areas which are always stubborn areas like chin, arms, abdomen, and thighs. It gradually brings you a real body improvement in both body contour and skin texture.

Why To Choose
Pine Bottle™ Lipolysis

Effective Lipolysis

Pine Bottle is equipped with ingredients like Lecithin, Bromelain, and Riboflavin, which effectively enhance fat breakdown while promoting fat burning and reducing the risk of fat storage in adipose tissue. This unique formulation also supports the safe dissolution of fat cells without causing wrinkles, a common issue with other lipolysis products.

Skin Health Benefits

Beyond its primary function of fat reduction, Pine Bottle improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. It provides skin-lifting effects, enhances overall skin brightness, and contributes to healthier skin appearance.

Versatility and Precision

The product can be applied to various body areas including the face, arms, abdomen, and thighs, allowing for a tailored approach to fat reduction. It supports a gradual and controlled fat reduction process, emphasizing comfort and adaptability.

Minimal Side Effects

Unlike other formulas that may contain potentially harmful substances, Pine Bottle is free from DC/PPC contents, ensuring that any swelling and pain are manageable and do not disrupt daily life.

Pine Bottle™
Application Areas

  1. Facial Treatment:

    • Double Chin and Deep Cheek: Typically requires 10 to 20cc.
    • Jowl: Dosages range from 5 to 10cc.
    • Each point on the face (sub-mental area) may receive between 0.1 to 0.25cc, spaced at intervals of 0.5 to 1.0cm across 20 to 25 points.
  2. Upper Body:

    • Upper-arm: Recommended dosage is 20 to 30cc.
  3. Abdomen:

    • Up to 30 to 40cc may be used, applied at points spaced according to specific body mapping protocols.
  4. Love Handles:

    • Each side may receive from 30 to 50cc, demonstrating the product’s adaptability to different body contours.
  5. Lower Body:

    • Inner Thighs: A typical application involves 10 to 15cc per thigh.
    • Buttock: Each buttock may receive about 15cc.

How To Apply
Pine Bottle™

Applying Pine Bottle involves a precise methodology to ensure effective lipolysis while maintaining patient comfort and safety. Here's a detailed step-by-step guide on how to apply Pine Bottle:

    1. Preparation:

      • Cleanse and disinfect the area to be treated to minimize any risk of infection.
      • Mark the treatment areas clearly to guide the injections.
    2. Injection Technique:

      • Use a thin needle (such as a 34G 2mm needle) for minimal discomfort.
      • Administer small doses at each point; for facial treatments, use 0.1 to 0.25 ml per point, ensuring even distribution along the marked lines.
    3. Dosage and Distribution:

      • Apply the solution directly into the fatty layer beneath the skin.
      • For the face, distribute about 5.0 ml per side in a pattern that targets the main areas of concern.
      • In areas like the arms, thighs, and abdomen, adjust the volume according to the extent of fat and the specific needs (e.g., 10 to 20 ml per thigh).
    4. Procedure Protocol:

      • The treatment should occur in sessions, typically 1 to 3 times with a 4-week gap between each session to allow the body to respond to the lipolysis.
      • Following the initial treatments, adjust the intervals and dosage based on the progress and patient response.
    5. Post-Treatment Care:

      • Advise patients to avoid intense physical activity and exposure to heat (like saunas) for at least 24 hours.
      • Recommend gentle lymphatic massage to reduce swelling and support lymphatic drainage in the treated areas.
    6. Safety and Comfort Measures:

      • To minimize pain and swelling, you can dilute the Pine Bottle solution with a small amount of lidocaine.
      • Use alcohol ice gauze post-injection to soothe the area.


Unlike traditional lipolysis products that might cause skin sagging or wrinkles post-treatment, Pine Bottle contains a blend of ingredients that support skin structure and health, ensuring the skin remains firm and smooth as fat cells are reduced.

Pine Bottle can be applied to several areas prone to fat accumulation, including the double chin, jowls, upper arms, abdomen, love handles, inner thighs, and buttocks.

Side effects are minimal and may include temporary redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection sites. Pine Bottle’s formulation is designed to minimize discomfort and does not include harsh chemicals that cause significant adverse reactions.

Pine Bottle should not be used by individuals with severe allergies to any of its ingredients, pregnant women, or those with certain medical conditions such as severe diabetes or immune system deficiencies. Always consult with a healthcare provider before beginning any new treatment.

Results can vary based on the individual’s body type and the specific treatment area, but generally, initial improvements may be noticed within 1 to 2 weeks after the first session. Optimal results typically manifest after completing the full course of treatments, usually within a few months.

Yes, Pine Bottle can be combined with other aesthetic treatments such as ultrasound therapy or cryo-fat therapy to enhance fat reduction and skin texture. However, it’s important to consult with a professional to tailor the combination of treatments based on your specific needs and health conditions.

Main Ingredient

Riboflavin(Vitamin B2), Bromelain, Lecithin

Volume (ml)

Shelf Life

24 Months


Pine Bottle

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