Elasty G Plus (Lidocaine)

Elasty G Plus is part of the Elasty line of dermal fillers, known for its dense, highly viscous monophasic gel structure, making it ideal for achieving significant volume effects and facial contour enhancements.

This filler is specially formulated with 24mg/mL of purified monophasic hyaluronic acid gel combined with 3mg/mL of Lidocaine, enhancing comfort during the procedure by reducing pain.

ELASTY™ Fillers
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Discover Elasty D Plus, Elasty G Plus, Elasty F Plus, a leading solution in skin rejuvenation featuring a wide range of dermal fillers that effectively treat fine lines and deep wrinkles across various facial and neck areas. Engineered with cutting-edge Preserved Natural Entanglement Technology (PNET), these fillers ensure superior cohesion and elasticity, providing durable and visually pleasing results. Elasty Fillers are ideal for enhancing facial features and improving skin quality, thanks to their formulation with high-grade, purified hyaluronic acid, and lidocaine for a painless application.

Why To Choose ELASTY™ Fillers

Advanced Technology

Elasty fillers utilize the unique Preserved Natural Entanglement Technology (PNET), which ensures a highly viscous gel that guarantees outstanding results and stable application.

Safety and Quality

Elasty fillers are CE certified and approved by the KFDA, ensuring they meet high standards for safety and efficacy, with a low residual of BDDE to minimize bacterial contamination.

Comprehensive Range

Elasty offers a variety of products tailored for different needs, from treating fine lines to deep wrinkles, and for various areas including the face and neck.

Long-Lasting Effects

The fillers are designed to provide long-lasting results, thanks to their high elasticity and cohesion, which help maintain the skin's youthful appearance for extended periods.

ELASTY™ Fillers Specifications

Injection Sites For
ELASTY™ Fillers

Product Table of
ELASTY™ Fillers

Specification Elasty G Plus (Lidocaine) Elasty D Plus (Lidocaine) Elasty F Plus (Lidocaine)
Product Image
HA Concentration Hyaluronic Acid (24mg/ml) Hyaluronic Acid (24mg/ml) Hyaluronic Acid (24mg/ml)
Volume (ml) 1.0ML 1.0ML 1.0ML
Has Lidocaine YES YES YES
Lidocaine Dosage 0.3% 0.3% 0.3%
Needle Size 27G 27G 27G
Duration Of Effectiveness 8 ~ 12 months 6 ~ 12 Months 6 ~ 12 Months
Storage Condition To be stored at room temperature (1~30℃), Away from direct Sunlight.
Expiration Date 24 Months


PNET is a unique cross-linking technology that produces a highly viscous and cohesive gel. This technology ensures that Elasty Fillers provide long-lasting results with even distribution and minimal product migration.

Yes, Elasty Fillers are safe for cosmetic use. They are CE certified and approved by the KFDA, meeting rigorous international standards for safety and efficacy. The fillers have a low BDDE residual, minimizing potential for allergic reactions and enhancing safety.

The duration of effects can vary depending on the specific product used. Typically, results can last from 6 months up to a year, with Elasty G providing outcomes that may last as long as 12 months.

Elasty Fillers can be used alongside other cosmetic procedures, but it is crucial to consult with a qualified healthcare professional to plan the best treatment approach. This ensures compatibility and maximizes aesthetic outcomes.

As with any injectable treatment, there are potential side effects, including redness, swelling, pain, bruising, and, rarely, more severe reactions like allergic responses. However, the incidence of significant side effects is low due to the high purity and rigorous testing of Elasty products. It’s important to discuss any concerns and your medical history with a healthcare professional before receiving treatments.

HA Concentration

Has Lidocaine Indicates whether product contains Lidocaine or not.

Lidocaine Dosage Indicates Lidocaine Dosage of the product.


Volume (ml)



Duration of Effectiveness

Storage Condition




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