Remedium Fine Plus Lidocaine


Due to the ReMedium Fine Plus Lidocaine’s high cross-linking rate, their fillers have cohesiveness and high viscosity. Allowing their fillers to easily mold and retain its shape for a very long time.

Superior Hydrophilic Capacity

ReMedium’s Fillers are highly hydrophilic, allowing it to absorb water and lock it into giving you a natural-looking and well-defined look.

Safe and Removable

Its high cross-linking rate is not chemically modified, making it safe to use and easy to remove.

Remedium Lidocaine Fillers Comparison

Specification Remedium Sub-Q With Lidocaine Remedium Mid With Lidocaine Remedium Fine With Lidocaine
Product Image
HA Concentration 20mg/ml 20mg/ml 20mg/ml
Volume (ml) 1ML x 1CC 1ML x 1CC 1ML x 1CC
Needle 25G 13mm UTW Needle (Ultra Thin Wall) 27G 13mm UTW Needle (Ultra Thin Wall) 30G 13mm UTW Needle (Ultra Thin Wall)
Has Lidocaine YES YES YES
Lidocaine Dosage 0.3% 0.3% 0.3%
Duration of Effectiveness 1~6 Months 6~12 Months 6~12 Months
Storage Condition 2~25˚C 2~25˚C 2~25˚C
Cross Area Linking
Areas To Apply
  • Mid Dermis
  • Fine Wrinkle
  • Mid-Deep Dermis
  • Volume Dermis

Remedium Dermal Fillers' Product Info



HA Concentration

Volume (ml)

Has Lidocaine Indicates whether product contains Lidocaine or not.

Lidocaine Dosage Indicates Lidocaine Dosage of the product.



30G 13mm UTW Needle (Ultra Thin Wall)

Duration of Effectiveness

Storage Condition


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