Tiramer Fine Filler (Lidocaine)

Tiramer Fine Filler‘s Premium hyaluronic acid is a component that exists in large proportions within the human body, including joint fluid, cartilage, and skin. It can act as a bridge between the existing collagen and elastin in the body, and it can hold water that is 1000 times its weight. The product also contains Lidocaine.

Hyaluronic acid filler refers to a product made as an injection by stabilizing the same component as the human body’s hyaluronic acid to supplement the lost hyaluronic acid in the body.

The product has qualified for CE Certification & Marking.

Tiramer Dermal Fillers Comparison

Specification Tiramer Fine With Lidocaine Tiramer Deep With Lidocaine Tiramer Shape With Lidocaine
Product Image
HA Concentration 20mg/ml 20mg/ml 20mg/ml
Volume (ml) 2 X 1ML 2 X 1ML 2 X 1ML
Needle 27G 1/2' || 30G 1/2' 2 X 27G 1/2' 25G 1/2' || 27G 1/2'
Technology R Technology (R Square technology)
Has Lidocaine YES YES YES
Storage Condition 2~25˚C 2~25˚C 2~25˚C
Areas To Apply
  • Mid Dermis
  • Deep Dermis
  • Sub-Q Layer

What is R Square Technology?

It is a new process that combines PASTE with revolution and rotation to mix two high-viscosity formulations uniformly.

* TIRAMER has a multi-phasic form with two layers.

The GEL from TIRAMER fillers fills the lines and the PARTICLES hold out the gel strongly.

R Square Technology maintains the shape of a cross-linking gel surrounding the cross-linking particles by mixing GEL and PARTICLE evenly, and reduces the unnaturalness of the resilient cross-linking particles directly contacting the treatment site.

Tiramer Features

Product Specifications

Specification Description
HA Concentration
27G 1/2' || 30G 1/2'
Volume (ml)
2 x 1ML
Has Lidocaine
Origin Country
South Korea
HA Concentration


27G 1/2' || 30G 1/2'

Volume (ml)

Has Lidocaine Indicates whether product contains Lidocaine or not.



Origin Country