EPTQ S100 (Lidocaine) 1.1ML

The EPTQ S100 with Lidocaine is a slightly cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler designed for correcting superficial lines and wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and glabellar lines. It contains 24mg/ml of hyaluronic acid and 0.3% lidocaine, which increases patient comfort during the injection process.

This product is known for its high purity and viscoelasticity, which ensures natural-looking results and durability. The EPTQ S100 filler also features smooth injection force and excellent tissue integration, making it a popular choice among aesthetic practitioners for subtle enhancements and touch-ups.

E.P.T.Q™ Fillers
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EPTQ S100, EPTQ S300, and EPTQ S500 product line, an acronym for "Enhanced Performance Through Quality," represents a sophisticated range of dermal fillers designed to meet the diverse needs of aesthetic treatments. These fillers are renowned for their high-quality, pure hyaluronic acid, which ensures effective and long-lasting results. The E.P.T.Q. series offers various formulations, each tailored for specific applications—from superficial fine lines to deep wrinkles and volume enhancement. Incorporating lidocaine in many of its products enhances patient comfort during procedures. 

Why To Choose E.P.T.Q™ Fillers

High Purity and Quality

EPTQ fillers are made from highly purified hyaluronic acid, ensuring a safe and high-quality product. This reduces the risk of adverse reactions and ensures that the results are both effective and predictable.

Variety of Formulations

The EPTQ line offers a diverse range of products tailored to address different areas and concerns, from fine lines and superficial wrinkles to deep folds and volume enhancement. This versatility allows practitioners to customize treatments based on individual patient needs.

Incorporated Lidocaine

EPTQ products contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic that helps minimize discomfort during the injection process. This feature enhances the patient experience, making treatments more comfortable.

E.P.T.Q™ Fillers
Application Areas

Product Line of E.P.T.Q™ Fillers

Specification EPTQ S100(Lidocaine) EPTQ S300(Lidocaine) EPTQ S500(Lidocaine)
Product Image
HA Concentration Hyaluronic Acid (24mg/ml) Hyaluronic Acid (24mg/ml) Hyaluronic Acid (24mg/ml)
Volume (ml) 1.1ML 1.1ML 1.1ML
Has Lidocaine YES YES YES
Lidocaine Dosage 0.3% 0.3% 0.3%
Needle Size 27G 27G 27G
Injection Site Mid-Dermis Deep Dermis Subcutaneous Layer
Areas To Apply Shallow Winkles Deep Wrinkles Deep Wrinkles and Facial Contouring
Duration Of Effectiveness 6 ~ 9 Months 9 ~ 12 Months 12 ~ 18 Months
Storage Condition To be stored at room temperature (1~30℃), Away from direct Sunlight.
Expiration Date 24 Months


The longevity of EPTQ fillers varies by product. EPTQ S100 typically lasts 6-9 months, S300 around 9-12 months, S500 for 12-18 months, and S1000 can last up to 18 months or longer, depending on the treatment area and individual factors.

  • EPTQ S100: Best for fine lines such as crow’s feet and superficial wrinkles.
  • EPTQ S300: Ideal for moderate wrinkles, lip contouring, and enhancement.
  • EPTQ S500: Suitable for deep facial wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and cheek augmentation.
  • EPTQ S1000: Excellent for severe wrinkles, jawline reshaping, and other areas requiring substantial volume.

Typically, there is minimal to no downtime required after treatments with EPTQ fillers. Patients can usually return to their normal activities immediately. However, some minor swelling or bruising may occur at the injection site.

Yes, EPTQ fillers are made from highly purified hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in the body, which minimizes the risk of allergic reactions. They are also integrated with lidocaine to enhance patient comfort during the treatment.

EPTQ fillers can be effectively combined with other aesthetic procedures such as Botox, laser treatments, or skincare therapies. It’s important to consult with a professional to determine the best treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Common side effects are generally mild and can include temporary redness, swelling, pain, bruising, or itching at the injection site. These typically resolve within a few days. More serious complications are rare but can include infection, allergic reactions, or vascular complications. It is crucial to have treatments performed by a qualified and experienced practitioner to minimize risks.

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Has Lidocaine Indicates whether product contains Lidocaine or not.

Lidocaine Dosage Indicates Lidocaine Dosage of the product.


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