Lefilleo Mid (Lidocaine)

Lefilleo Mid is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler designed for the correction of deep and medium-depth skin defects. It’s particularly effective for filling nasolabial folds, and wrinkles around the corners of the mouth, and for enhancing or correcting certain facial areas like contour reinforcement and lip modeling/augmentation.

Lefilleo Mid is injected into the subcutaneous layer, with the effect lasting between 12 to 18 months.

Lefilleo fillers are characterized by their high-quality Hyaluronic acid concentration (24mg/ml), the inclusion of the anesthetic lidocaine for almost painless injections (3mg/ml), and their biodegradable nature, decomposing harmlessly in the body and excreting naturally without a trace.

Lefilleo™ Fillers
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Lefilleo Light, Lefilleo Mid, and Lefilleo Pro, each designed for different aesthetic needs ranging from fine lines to deeper skin corrections and volumizing effects. These fillers are known for their high-quality Hyaluronic acid content, biodegradable nature, and inclusion of lidocaine for comfort. They are produced using patented technologies that ensure the final product is almost free from BDDE and employs a unique technique of double cross-linking of hyaluronic acid molecules, resulting in a stable, uniform consistency and density ideal for aesthetic cosmetology.

Why To Choose Lefilleo™ Fillers

High-Quality Hyaluronic Acid

The Lefilleo fillers are based on 24mg/ml of high-quality Hyaluronic acid, ensuring a potent effect. This concentration is designed to provide both immediate and lasting results, from volume enhancement to wrinkle reduction.

Biodegradable and Safe

The gels are biodegradable, decomposing harmlessly in the body and naturally excreting without a trace within 6-12 to 12-18 months, depending on the product variant. They are produced according to patented technologies that maximize the purification of the final product, making it almost free from BDDE.

Certified Production Quality

Lefilleo fillers are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, adhering to strict international standards, including ISO 13485 for quality management and GMP for production processes. This ensures that every product is safe, of high quality, and effective.

Lefilleo™ Fillers
Application Areas

Product Line of Lefilleo™ Fillers

Specification Lefilleo Light (Lidocaine) Lefilleo Mid (Lidocaine) Lefilleo Pro (Lidocaine)
Product Image
HA Concentration Hyaluronic Acid (24mg/ml) Hyaluronic Acid (24mg/ml) Hyaluronic Acid (24mg/ml)
Volume (ml) 1.1ML 1.1ML 1.1ML
Has Lidocaine YES YES YES
Lidocaine Dosage 0.3% 0.3% 0.3%
Needle Size 30G 27G 25G
Injection Site Dermis Subcutaneous Deep Subcutaneous
Areas To Apply Shallow Winkles Deep Wrinkles Deep Wrinkles and Facial Contouring
Duration Of Effectiveness 6 ~ 12 Months 12 ~ 18 Months 12 ~ 18 Months
Storage Condition To be stored at room temperature (1~30℃), Away from direct Sunlight.
Expiration Date 24 Months
HA Concentration

Volume (ml)

Has Lidocaine Indicates whether product contains Lidocaine or not.

Lidocaine Dosage Indicates Lidocaine Dosage of the product.


Duration of Effectiveness

Storage Condition




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